smasheasy® is a music
label and collective of artists
firmly rooted in the woods and mountains of New England.
Deep in these woods you’ll
find some surprising new
ambient, improvisational,
and rock music.
adventurous cinematic
soundtracks; beautiful,
meditative sound worlds
and landscapes; new beat
spoken word; and aggressive
new metal, punk, and rock.

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CONNI ST.PIERRE - Exquisite,
dreamy and hypnotic Ambient/New Age instrumentals
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BROFACE - 3-piece instrumental improvisation and ultimate jams
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Vintage Boston punk, circa 1980,
available for the first time
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PETER DAYTON - Legendary Boston
new wave singer/songwriter, from
the 1981 archives
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JAN KUBIAC - Singer/Songwriter with
a smoky smooth voice and a folk-meets-bossanova feel
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aggro core metal from rural industrial
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PEACE CORPSE - Raw punk metal from
the band who later became Theory
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JEWEL CLARK - Traditional country and yodeling, recorded live in the studio!
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TED ST.PIERRE - The long awaited
solo album by our producer/engineer,
featuring his instrumental guitar and
ambient music
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FOREST FLOOR -Adventurous
cinematic ambient improvisational instrumentals
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Rock and Roll icon's rare spoken word
and instrumentals
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SONNY PROBE -Rockin' humor
and wacky tunes from the master of
"musical spin"
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All our music is
recorded at
The Outlook,

For more info about
the studio check out
the "about us" page.
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All smasheasy® releases are available as downloads or cds

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Selected smasheasy® titles are available at Bull Moose Music stores
in New England, and at independent
stores throughout the country, in addition to, and other
on-line stores.

“Smasheasy offers both sides
of the coin: the ‘smash’ of
unleashed rock energy, and
the ‘easy ‘of ambient music for cerebral or reflective listening.”


PAT MALIA- debut solo album by one of smasheasy®'s favorite all around musicians

"Mountain Spirits," the second album
in the Nature Spirits series.

"Time Travel" - which includes vocals
and arrangements of some classic
songs in a new interpretation, in
keeping with Conni's ambient and
new age style.

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